Big Changes

When you are used to a certain way of life you get scared when you are faced with a big change. You are scared of getting hurt or being fooled. But most of the times  what scares you might be the best for you. I am facing a big change right now. which was scary at first but as the days pass by I am getting used to it , and it isnt bad after all. I am learning new things and meeting new people and I am independed. At the end of the day wen you take it all in, you realise how wonderful the change is in your life and how right you where not to give up. So if you are facing a change or will soon, don't worry at first it will be scary but it will go away and everything will be good at the end. If it isn't good , then its not the end ;)

So bare with me, because I have some pretty cool ideas for future posts like fashion, diys, inspiration etc.!

Love you!

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Meet the Author
Film student, blogger and chocolate addict, currently in search of big adventures! Moved from Greece to England to chase something. I adore french cinema, vintage style and anything related to chocolate and cinnamon. I blog all the things I love and don't. xxxx Daniella